• When a friend suggests getting together spur of the moment when I have made a decision to accomplish some work, I wobble.
  • When I see something non-essential on sale that I would like to have but would not buy at full price because I do not have the discretionary funds, I wobble.
  • When I look at the dessert menu even though I have had enough to eat and have intentions to maintain a more healthful diet, I wobble.

Temptation pulls at us on a regular basis. We can choose to be impulsive and indulge our appetites. It is important at these times to remember our commitments to ourselves and to not betray ourselves.

We can choose to say “no” for a higher “yes.” In doing so, we invite a different sort of satisfaction–the proper discipline and maturity that allows us to accept the challenge to honor our priorities. Then there is satisfaction in keeping order. For this strength, we can reward ourselves with other gestures of self-care.

On occasion we may indulge our impulses. But be sure that the decision to indulge is a conscious choice to forgo the discipline and the challenge to adhere to our priorities. Perhaps a compromise is fitting and the consequences of shifting priorities can be addressed given a change in the short-term plan.

However, if impulsiveness and/or honoring your word prove difficult patterns, first establish a good track record of discipline and maturity. Practice every chance you get: Exercise the strength and power to keep your commitment to yourself; flexibility and balance will come later. Build credibility within yourself and tend the seeds of maturity.

For strategies on how to handle difficult patterns, hire a Resiliency Coach for three months and learn how to navigate discipline and maturity, commitments, and priorities. Contact me, Vanessa Landau, Resiliency Trainer, for Co-Creative Transformation (Resiliency Coaching) and I will accompany you along the way.

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