I aspire to have The Big “O” every day. Even though every day is different, having The Big “O” guarantees that I will have the best of all possible days. I believe that if everyone had The Big “O” every day, the world would be a more satisfying place in which to live. When was the last time you enjoyed The Big “O”?

Wait! What do you think I am talking about?!? “Optimal” is The Big “O”! Living optimally on a daily basis is the surest way to create a satisfying life. It enables us to have the best of all possible days. What does “optimal” mean?…Merriam-Webster defines it as the “best or most effective…most desirable or satisfactory” given all the conditions.

In a culture that exalts perfection and relegates second-best to losing, keeping perspective on our optimal experience can be challenging. When we make decisions based on all the information that we can discover, we prepare for an OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE. When we attend to our vision for progress, we prepare for an OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE. When we confront an undesirable outcomes, we evaluate our circumstances and learn from them; we prepare for an OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE.

Sometimes we encounter victories, and sometimes we encounter disappointments, even failures. In order to shape our OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE, we must understand and invest in our personal best. Whatever the circumstances beyond our control, we must assume the control that is within our means, because everything in our lives can be improved by The Big “O”.

Measure your value of your decisions and endeavors in terms of your personal best. If you wish to discover a better approach to OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE, please Contact me, Vanessa Landau, Resiliency Trainer, for Co-Creative Transformation (Resiliency Coaching) and I will guide you developing your own optimal experience strategies.

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