Religion is a sticky subject in polite company. Conjecture and discussions about God, commandments, heaven and salvation, hell and damnation, and endless interpretations can be divisive. Sometimes people need so desperately to feel correct on such matters that they seek to persuade others to their point of view, thus affirming their religion.

I believe that there are as many religious paths as there are people and at best we can inquire into the common ground between and among us. In my opinion, GOD is a three-letter word for what a person elevates in righteousness (worships) in spirit and/or life, and we see this not so much in congregational worship as we do in day-to-day action.

Some people elevate money. Some elevate food. Some elevate sex. Some elevate drugs. Some elevate work. Some elevate principles and teachings. Some elevate their own mind. Some elevate nature. Some elevate cynicism. Some elevate power over others. Some elevate service, or power with others.

Whom or what do you worship? Is there harmony between your spirit/life and your congregational professions? We fail at times in the alignment of our spirit/life, and our word and action. Sometimes we are blatantly hypocritical. But do we see it? Do we acknowledge it and self-correct?

Some do not believe in God and may not invest in traditional faith at all. To you I offer the perspective that simply applies to human endeavors: G.O.D.–Guidance, Opportunity, Deliverance–impacts all manner of activity. Who or what guides you? What opportunities invite you? What do circumstances deliver?

If you wish to align your spirit/life and your word and action in order to more effectively respond to challenges, hardships, and adversities, please Contact me, Vanessa Landau, Resiliency Trainer, for Co-Creative Transformation (Resiliency Coaching), and I will guide you in the development of your own optimal experience strategies.

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