How do we actually get things done? There is so much to do and only 24 hours in a day. I frequently used to be late because I lacked a reasonable perspective on time. My lesson presented a challenge for me to gauge the TIME it took to prepare for and travel to activities. I took this lesson seriously because I understood that I was no more special that anyone else, deserving no special accommodation, and that I did not like the attention given to me because I was late.

Another aspect of TIME pertains to the completion of tasks. I never did like the feeling of waiting until the last minute in order to meet a deadline. Crunch time only afforded me heartache and anxiety. In college, for example, I preferred to finish my papers a day to a week in advance of their due dates. Weird, right?

Nowadays my responsibilities are to myself. Contacting potential clients and sending an information packet, writing a blog entry, Tweeting, designing and printing workbooks. These tasks are on-going and require consistent diligence. When my motivation flags, I utilize three primary TIME management tactics in order to meet my responsibilities:

  • 1. Begin with the first next right step! This is the “wash a dish” technique–just wash one dish before deciding to wash another. Focus on progress rather than becoming overwhelmed by the entirety of a project.
  • 2. Bookend with a friend. Tell a supportive friend the plan for fulfilling a task before beginning, and then report the progress or the outcome later. This creates accountability that impedes any tendency to be all talk and no action.
  • 3. Give yourself a reward. Whatever your progress, enjoy the chance to feel a sense of accomplishment. Rewards create incentive and offer a recuperative pause between exertions.

These three tactics are the ones on which I most frequently rely. Additional tactics may be employed as appropriate to specific situations. If you would like to learn more about tactics that can make the most of TIME, please contact me, Vanessa Landau, Resiliency Trainer, for Co-Creative Transformation, and I will guide you in the evolution of your adaptability.

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