What is a Resilience Training Coach?


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© Educational Endeavors

What Is A Resilience Training Coach?

A Resilience Training Coach is a professional facilitator who employs a proprietary theory-driven integrated program known as the RESILIENCY FITNESS PARADIGM. A Resilience Training Coach facilitates the development of personal and relational (psycho-social) strength, endurance, and power as part of the ANALOGY between physical fitness and psycho-social fitness, or resilience.

Using Co-creative Transformation™ individuals…

  • Clarify the ideas that the client has about problems, challenges, and adversities
  • Assess available resources and recommend supplemental resources
  • Establish realistic and measurable goals
  • Develop methods of behavior that support those goals
  • Plan a course of action
  • Navigate the outcomes of those actions

Additionally, a Resilience Training Coach aims to…

  • Encourage the client to create a personal vision for him/herself
  • Challenge the client to actualize that vision through daily endeavors
  • Conduct lessons that pertain to the strengthening of the client’s competencies
  • Facilitate empowerment through tasks that support self-mastery and self-sufficiency

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Who Benefits From Having A Resilience Training Coach?

Individuals who most benefit from having a Resilience Training Coach are those who are…

  • proactive and ready to advance their interests
  • interested in developing their competencies
  • receptive to learning, change, and personal growth
  • honest with themselves and able to self-reflect
  • able to attend to constructive feedback and adjust themselves accordingly
  • responsible for their choices and actions

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