Everyone has at least one major secret. “Yeah, there’s one that you keep that you bury so deep no one can tear it out!” – Billy Joel Code of Silence

I have two major secrets that I carry. Failings. Burdens. Potentials for blame or humiliation. I can stop them a bit at a time, but I have not been successful in eradicating them altogether. The saying goes, “You are as sick as your secrets.” It stands to reason, then, that as I aspire toward health and wholeness, I must surrender my secrets.

Resiliency provides a dynamic and fluid realm from which healthy responses emerge for each particular situation. Major secrets indicate rigidity, tripping points, compulsions that keep us spinning our wheels and not moving forward. To succumb to our secrets is to perpetuate sickness.

In order for me to begin to release my major secrets, I would have to begin to see myself as equal to every person, and I would have to forfeit hypocrisy and love myself as much as I expect others to love themselves.

What major secret(s) keeps you from health and wholeness? And what would you have to begin to do in order to release your self from any rigid pattern(s) that keep you from health and wholeness?

If your major secrets are holding you back from health and wholeness, you are part of the human race. You do have options! Contact me,, Vanessa Landau, Resiliency Trainer, for Co-Creative Transformation–Resiliency Coaching–and I will help you navigate the surrendering of unhealthy patterns.

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