Marjory M. Donn, Greenbelt, MD, Educator and Novelist – 2016: A Novel of America and the World, GreenbeltPress@mindspring.com, HEROES 101 and Affinity Group Participant, PBUUC:

“Vanessa Landau has a talent for leading people through experiential exercises that are well grounded in theory. Two years after Vision-Mapping, I am still using and inspired by the personal affirmations I developed for my personal growth under her leadership.”


Julie D., Adelphi, MD, Retreat and Affinity Group Workshop Participant, PBUUC:

“Vanessa Landau leads workshops that are clearly presented and gently welcoming. She easily helps the most reluctant participants to reveal issues with which she can most effectively help. Vanessa is clear and focused in her workshops. While she is an exceptional listener to the ramblings of participants who can stray off-subject, she is able to gently bring the discussion back to the main focus and guide the group as a whole.”


Amy S., Burtonsville, MD, Spirituality Circle Coordinator, HEROES 101, Retreat, and Affinity Group Workshop Participant, PBUUC:

“Vanessa Landau gives us concrete steps for improving our lives. Along with her amazing techniques, she provides a safe and caring place to spread our wings. She knows from personal experience how leaving your comfort zone can be difficult as well as exhilarating and so she envelops us in acceptance and encouragement while giving us the tools to that help us stretch and grow. Her techniques have helped me to explore my inner workings, to grow, and to become a stronger person.”


Mary D., Hyattsville, MD, Individual Giving Coordinator, Capital Area Foodbank, Co-Creative Transformation Client:

“As someone who has participated in Co-Creative Transformation, conceived and developed by Vanessa Landau, I would highly recommend it to others who embrace a cognitive restructuring approach to distress.  She incorporates various sensible practices and an integrated system for recovery: (1) Cognitive-behavioral – tools that redirect flawed thinking in order to achieve more desirable and successful outcomes; (2) Visualization/manifesting – effective thinking that boosts confidence and presents alternatives to ineffective practices; and (3) Goal-setting – building power that reciprocally enhances self-esteem.  Having tried many approaches to alleviate my distress, resiliency coaching had the greatest impact per unit of time as I work toward achieving an overall sense of well-being.”


Louise S., Washington, DC, Lead Writer/Editor – Biomedical Services, American Red Cross, Affinity Group Workshop Participant, PBUUC:

“I had the privilege to attend a workshop facilitated by Vanessa Landau in the winter of 2009. During the session, I was impressed by the depth and thoroughness of her presentation. She was articulate, a good listener, and sensitive when we participants expressed our thoughts. In fact, so good was Vanessa as a workshop facilitator that I am greatly looking forward to attending another of her workshops.”




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